How to Arrange Pillows on a Loveseat

When it’s talk about the arrangements of right pillows on a loveseat then I’ll tell you that there are so many ways of this decoration. But for this you have to be careful about certain things like – the color combination, ratio, fabrics, pattern, design etc. You may be thinking it is quite difficult to match all these things at a time. But if you have some taste of classiness then it’ll be easier for you. You have to just match up all the things according to the furniture pattern and color of the wall, even the rugs and curtains!

Color Combination: Combination of the colors is a very important fact of arranging pillows on a loveseat. Because couples are mainly sit on the seats to share love talks with each other. First you have to think about the type of the loveseat and color of it. Then choose such colors for pillows that go easily with the seat. For example – if the seat is of light color then you can go for some bold colors pillows. This combination will look great.


Ratio: If you ask me then I’ll go with the 2-2-1 ratio. In my view it looks great if there are five pillows on the loveseat. Any odd combination of pillows are actually look more classy. But on this matter of five pillows if four pillows are of two colors and the other one is different color then it’ll be a great combination. And if the seat is not so big then you can go for three pillows.


Fabrics: Another important fact is the fabrics of the pillows. You can choose velvet fabrics, lush fabrics, striped fabrics, cotton fabrics etc. depending on the color combination. You have to imagine which color will look more gorgeous on which fabrics. And according to this, you have to choose fabrics for the particular color. For example – if you choose any type of bold color like maroon you can choose velvet fabrics to arrange pillows on a loveseat.


Pattern and Design: Pattern or design of the pillows are very important when you’ll arrange pillows for couples on a loveseat. You can choose solid pillows, striped pillows, flower pattern pillows etc. Whatever design you choose you should remember that everything needs a perfect combination. Otherwise, it will not look fabulous.


At last, at the time of arranging pillows on a loveseat keep in mind that you are arranging and decorating it for couples. According to this, you have to choose colors, fabrics, design and pattern.


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